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Biscon is a consultancy based in the Cotswolds specialising in Business Continuity, Information Security and Enterprise Risk. We work in the public and private sectors with clients ranging from global banks to SMEs in many differing sectors including manufacturing.
Kettle Foods Ltd (“Kettle Foods”) manufactures the award winning superbrand range of KETTLE ® Chips. They have a purpose built factory and head office based on the outskirts of Norwich, as well as a warehouse at Snetterton.

The Finance Director of Kettle Foods, recognising the importance of Business Continuity to the company, contacted Biscon to see how we could help. Kettle Foods already had in place a system of site based incident management plans (with a strong element of product recall) and overall Crisis Management. However, the aim was to move towards a joined up approach for business continuity, built on best practice and the structure of the International Standard for Business Continuity, ISO 22301.
Biscon was signed up to deliver a project, the key elements of which were focused on:

1. Understanding the Organisation including;
1.1. Defining strategic objectives;
1.2. Establishing critical activities; and
1.3. Preparation of Risk Assessment and Business Impact Analysis.
2. Determining the Business Continuity Strategy encompassing;
2.1. Establishing recovery timelines and capability;
2.2. Establishing recovery priorities by customer and product line;
2.3. Understanding the issues in transferring production; and
2.4. A supply chain audit of the key suppliers’ resilience.
3. Developing and Implementing a Business Continuity Response;
3.1. Creating a Business Continuity Plan; and
3.2. A walkthrough of the Plan with the management team.

Other findings / recommendations included:
• The supply chain is critical to Kettle Foods. The supplies of potatoes, seasoning, oil, water, gas and logistics are fundamental to the product and the resilience of the suppliers was detailed to understand how they have mitigated risks in order to give continuity of supply to Kettle Foods;
• The IT systems are also critical and the failover of the Storage Area Network (“SAN”) to a hot start location was recommended to ensure that production can be maintained; and
• Crisis communications and the actions around a potential product recall are crucial to protecting the brand. The existing plans were merged into one more concise document.

Iain Maysh, Finance & IT Director of Kettle Foods said “Biscon has approached their contract with Kettle Foods in a very professional and proactive manner. One of the key elements of the work that Biscon has brought to Kettle Foods is their ability to focus on the critical areas of the business that are more exposed in a business continuity situation. This has allowed Biscon and Kettle Foods to take pre-existing planning and produce a fully integrated business continuity plan.”