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Good Energy

Biscon is a consultancy based in the Cotswolds specialising in business continuity, information security and enterprise risk. Biscon works in both the public and private sectors, with clients ranging from global banks to SMEs, in many differing sectors including energy.

Good Energy is both a generator and supplier of electricity, and serves both domestics and business customers. It owns and operates two wind farms and four solar sites, but also purchases and trades on the market. As such it has a need for a fully effective business continuity management system.

Good Energy recognises the importance of business continuity to the company, and contacted Biscon to see how they could help update its processes. The company had some business continuity documentation in place but it was considered not to be fit-for-purpose and out of date.

As a result, Biscon was asked to deliver a new approach, focusing on the need to aid recover from any incident that makes Good Energy’s day-to-day business activities and service delivery to internal and external customers impossible, with a goal of restoring operations restored to an acceptable level, in an acceptable timescale.

This included:

  • delivery of a risk assessment (RA) and business impact analysis (BIA)
  • A supplier review of Good Energy’s top 10 critical suppliers. Examples would be the contractors managing solar or wind farms, some software providers and providers of weather data feeds
  • Formulation of the business continuity strategy as defined in the BIA into a business continuity plan (BCP)
  • Facilitation of a desktop exercise with critical personnel to ensure that the BCP is completely up-to-date and fit-for-purpose
  • ‘embedding’ the BCP with staff.

Following completion of the project, Good Energy rated all elements of Biscon’s work as excellent or good. The company has now signed a three-year deal with Biscon to implement and manage its business continuity management system.

Dave Ford, Chief Operating Officer for Good Energy, said: Working with BISCON has helped us clearly identify the risks to the business and prepare a plan that will enable it to continue to operate in difficult circumstances.

The professional and collaborative approach Biscon has shown, together with its specific knowledge of BCP solutions, has helped us greatly.”